Online Support Tips

If you’re new to 123 or if you’ve never tried online support before, review these tips for making sure you get exactly what you need from us.

  • Search the Knowledge Base for help
    To get back to work as quickly as possible, use our Knowledge Base to see if an article answers your question.
  • Expect a conversation 
    Our Support Team  are  full-time employees of 123 who work alongside the rest of our company, so expect to have a great chat or email experience with a trained support technician.
  • Take a few screenshots
    Screenshots of what’s happening in your 123  account  can help our Support Team find a solution for you more quickly. Once you've brought up the item you want to screenshot, follow the steps in the appropriate guide below.
  • Android phone and tablets
  • Apple OS X
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Windows
  • Windows phone
  • Windows tablet
  • Get ready for some questions
    Your support technician will typically ask you a few questions about your account and the task you’re trying to complete to make sure we completely understand what you need. This process usually takes a few minutes. We’ll never ask you for sensitive info like credit card numbers or passwords.
  • Let us know how you want to learn
    The Support Team can send you visuals, Knowledge Base articles, or step-by-step instructions. Our goal is to empower you to become the best 123  user  you can be.

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