Let 123 Do The Work For You

The Intake123 Professional Services team includes experienced law professionals, project managers, and software engineers committed to  assist  you with your forms,  workflows  and integrations.

Our Consultants can help you organize and mark up your documents, convert those documents into templates, and design an Intake123 rereview for each template, all the while using best practices to take full advantage of Intake123s features and functions. With over 10 years of collective experience in document generation process automation, our Consultants have the know-how and the technical expertise to build an Intake123’s one-of-a-kind online solution that provides the best possible first impression for initial consults so that you can win more clients and streamline the intake process.

Team members are available for consultation in the following areas:

  • System Integration
  • Template Development
  • Custom Intake123 Training

We are happy to work with you to review your current business processes and define requirements for your own Intake123 system. Contact 123 for more information and to discuss your specific needs.

Contact Intake123 or call (800) 509-4493 to find out how our Professional Services can benefit you.

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